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Where in the World is my, Shima?

Look no further than...Right Here!!

Here are the healthiest, most intelligent & beautiful Shima's on the planet!

Shima Breed Infomation

We are located in sunny California. Our Shima's are locally bred first generation from AKC registered Shih Tzu and Maltese (Sires and Dames). Thus the name Shima. They are bred under the most stringent, controlled environment with the health and cleanliness and safety of the offspring always first and foremost. This gives the highest quality Shima with no latent health problems. You can not find a higher quality Shima offspring anywhere else. They are the most lovable breed, just ask around. You get to pick offspring which lean towards the Maltese or the Shih Tzu features. Both features are adorable but don't forget our guarantee of a healthy pet. This new breed is the absolute best in a small dog (anywhere from our smallest 4 pounds to an average of 7 to 8 pounds full grown. Shima's are calm, easy to train (either Potty box or house train) with above average intelligence, loyalty, cuddly and great looks! The Shima breed makes an excellent companion, are great for children and very theraputic for the owners. Another big benefit is that they ar hypoallergenic. Because the Shima has hair not fur, they do not give off the dander which some people are alergic to nor do they shed their hair excessivly. Owners may choose to have their Shima groomed short or long or let them grow out for that show dog look!

Still undecided? See our star Shima!

Click here and come visit me "Princess Kneesaa".
I am now a full grown Shima (2 years and 6 months - DOB 6/10/06).
Healthy, Happy and a Star!


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